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How to care for your roses


Once they arrive

Open your flower box received from FlowerAbo and remove all wrapping. The roses are packed in two levels, 13 on top and 12 hidden below.


After unpacking

Put the roses in a row on a table and cut the stem diagonally, maximizing the amount of water that the rose can drink. Put the supplied flower food powder into the vase filled with water and stir. Ensure that no leaves are submerged in water,


Setting up your Roses

Start by putting 4 flowers into the vase, each facing in another direction. Fill the gaps in the vase with the remaining roses and remove any outer petals that show signs of distress.

Give your rose heads enough space to fully open, this takes approx. 2-3 days. Place the rose bouquet at the desired spot and avoid direct sunlight.


Caring for your Roses

Remove rose petals as they open and deteriorate over the next few days and possibly weeks. After a few days in the vase, change the water and re-cut the rose stems.

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