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More quality for your money? 4 reasons why you should order roses directly from flower farms

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Imagine you go to a retailer, a florist or a supermarket, you see gorgeous roses and buy them for your home. After a couple of days, however, your roses begin to droop and fade away. Don’t you hate it when this happens, especially after you spent quite a bit for your bouquet?

Continue reading, if you are interested to learn more on why this is, and how buying roses from flower farms directly gives you several advantages.

Advantages ordering roses directly from flower farms:

1. Roses are fresher

2. Convenience of ordering online

3. High value quality

4. Support flower farms in developing countries

1. Roses are fresher

The biggest advantage is the increased vase life of your roses when you buy them directly from flower farms. It might not come to you as a surprise, but roses you buy from flower farms are more freshly cut. Once you place your order, they are cut and delivered directly to your home within days without any intermediaries.

Roses that are cultivated in the US have the advantage of shorter delivery times, and you may receive your flowers on the same day. However, due to the unique geographical location of South America and the Andes, the highest quality roses are found here. According to smartassetTM , 70% of all retail flowers sold in the US come from Colombia. Retail-bought flowers have typically already gone through quite the life-cycle: Firstly, their journey begins with their harvest before being prepared for shipping. Secondly, they are delivered to a wholesaler, typically via a flower broker, and subsequently shipped from South America to the US. Thirdly, they are bought by a retailer, such as a supermarket or florist, at a flower exchange. Once on the shelves, they wait to be purchased by a customer. This process takes 7-10 days on average. In other words, flowers you purchase from a retailer are already old and were exposed to much movement. So why would you buy from a retailer when you get the fresher product directly from the flower farm?

Pro tip: If you care about highest quality, select a flower farm from South America to order your roses.

2. Convenience of ordering online

According to IBIS world, a US market research company, the flower delivery industry in the US has grown by 8.9% from 2015-2020, and this growth is expected to be continued. As the industry grows, it also evolves. Market places are increasingly cooperating with local florist shops and flower farms where the digital Business to Customer (B2C) sales channels are gaining significant traction. We highlighted the most important differences of the two models below:

While market places that cooperate with local florists usually have shorter delivery times, ordering from flower farms directly gives you longer vase life, non or fewer involved intermediaries and more product life for your money.

Pro tip: Set up a subscription with your favorite flower farm. This way you will always have beautiful flowers at home, and you save even more time.

3. High value and quality

Should you decide to order from South American flower farms, which we highly recommend, you benefit from the highest quality standards. According to BloomsyBox the most beautiful roses grow in Ecuador and Colombia very close to the equatorial line in the foothills of the Andes mountains between 9,200 and 10,000 feet above sea level. They are exposed to an average 12 hours of sunlight, consistent rainfall, fertile land, and cool temperatures, which all makes for perfect conditions for rose cultivation. This result in the largest flower heads and longest stems in roses globally. Those perfect growing conditions give a clear advantage over flower farms in the US, and are the reason why these roses have a comparably long vase life.

4. Supporting flower farms in developing countries

By buying roses and flowers from South American flower farms, you are actively supporting an underdeveloped region. For instance, in Ecuador, the rose industry has not only become a part of the Ecuadorian culture, but also an important income source for many families. By buying your roses from these flower farms directly, you are supporting an underdeveloped region and the native people of Ecuador.

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